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A complete app for playing and managing poker tournaments, the way it should be!

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A perfect tool to manage your live events

PokerBundle is a set of applications to support the live poker experience. It contains all necessary tools to register players to a poker event, do payments for buyins, manage the event, store your presets, store all results, integrate with social media and much more.

  • PokerBundle is web-based and cross-platform
  • Realtime
  • 360° approach: All actors are engaged in the experience. Tournament directors, Floor managers, dealers, players and waiters can be involved in the process.
  • engaging: Build your live pokerplatform and engage your customers by providing them carreer statistics and other loyalty

Responsive web-app

PokerBundle is fully functional and can be used in any poker room worldwide. It runs on all (mobile) devices, screen displays, operating systems and all major browsers. If you want to make use of a mobile device, we recommend the latest iPhone or iPad.

Pricing plans

Every pokerplayer can register a free PokerBundle account. On top of that, when you start using PokerBundle to organize poker tournaments it remains completely free! Rooms who are using PokerBundle more regularly, will be charged for their extra usage. You only pay what you use!
Therefor, choose a pricing plan that fits your needs. Contact us for heavy usage or white label usage of PokerBundle.

Free €0 /month

35 participations/month
€0,90/extra participation
Bronze €30 /month

75 participations/month
€0,40/extra participation
Silver €80 /month

240 participations/month
€0,34/extra participation
Gold €240 /month

800 participations/month
€0,30/extra participation


The core business of Pokerbundle is the commercialization and development of the web app itself. Of course we like to think along with our customers and we have a lot of experience in the poker industry. So do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the development of your poker room.

Setup - You can perfectly use Pokerbundle with 1 computer. Obviously there are rooms that need a larger setup: multiple displays, multiple computers and / or support with mobile devices. The team of Pokerbundle comes to your room for an analysis after that we provide the hardware setup of your poker room. You just have to deal the cards and to lead the tournament, we take care of the rest.

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Training - If you'd like an explanation on the use of Pokerbundle or if you want to inform your employees about the use of Pokerbundle your can contact the Pokerbundle team; we are happy to give the necessary coaching and training. Depending on the needs and questions that need to be dealt with, a customized coaching can be proposed.

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Support - Pokerbundle is a very comprehensive web service. Probably you will have questions during the setup of your account. We have an extensive support section equipped with the most common questions and the necessary descriptions. Read our support page if you have questions. If you can find answers for your questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pokerbundle.

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